gan and sis good morning, this morning I want to tell us a bit about my high school years.

definitely for you are now in college, never felt how it feels to be a high school kid and the memories that are in it. in the opinion of those high school years are times that you do not forget our lifetime. It really is not anyway?
yes if you ask me too, because while it is we really feel how the association is real. not only socially, but there are many more other things.

I happen to schools that could be considered high school has just built around the year 2009, but this school was not much good with another high school’s long-standing.
beginning of high school, I do not have any friends, I am more alone than socialize. but gradually, I can condition the situation.
I skip class with a very humbling feeling, I should lose my friends, because some of them decided to change schools, regardless of it’s definitely a silver lining.
say the two classes were also feeling it, I lost my closest friend, who moved to Ambon, really hard time releasing him, but I can not do anything …
and finally I sat in class three, which sangta times that I felt tense, why? because I have berhadapkan with the name NATIONAL EXAM, well it’s really heavy.
every day I was trained by teachers in order to take a test.

actually really hard to leave high school period, a lot of funny things that I get along with them, joy, happiness, compassion, I feel all together.

until finally the breakup comes, I swear I can not afford to lose them all ..

to be continued ….


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